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 Standard Rules

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PostSubject: Standard Rules   Standard Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2018 6:51 pm

The Rules
Please take the time to read through these. Most of our rules are very easy to follow and are really just common sense.

General Rules
This RP adheres to the following RP guidelines, all of which can viewed in the resources thread in this forum.
- The Roleplayers Bill of Rights
- The Roleplayers Creed
- The Charter on the Rights and Duties of the DM

Posting Information
We use a paragraph, turn based posting style in this RP for general play and this includes having a posting order. For fighting/sparring we will only allow T-1 or T-2, or Dice combat. Any other style shall be considered void. Two parties must agree to a death match or a fight before one can take place and it must be made clear well in advance that it is such. Please do not have your RPC constantly instigate fights if you have no intentions of actually carrying them out.

Spelling & Grammar

We understand that everyone is not a native English speaker and mistakes will happen. However, we expect everyone to make a decent effort with regards to their spelling and grammar while in this RP. Text talk (typ3 l3ik dis) is prohibited and shortened slang words (such as "ur" or "y") are prohibited. There is no reason why you can't use the full word; so please do. Although you won't be punished for the occasional typo, deliberate mistakes are discouraged and will not be tolerated.

OOC In The RP channels

There should be no OOC in the RP channels at all. Keep it in the general chat channels.

You must be 16+ to join this RP and partake in the regular channels. To partake in the NSFW channels, you must be 18+. All characters must be 18+ and no child characters will be allowed.

There is no limit to how many characters you can have in this RP however we do discourage making them for single-use situations and then putting them away forever - please use NPCs for this. Characters must have a brief biography before being allowed to use; this eliminates god-modding and slapping on extra powers for no reason. They can be any age as long as it is over 18, and you are free to have them either as a completely new character, or as a reincarnated character. Keep in mind though, every character starts with no knowledge of where they are or any of their previous lives.

We should also make this clear; your character has a certain level of power in this RP regardless of how badass (OP) you wish they were. Your character cannot destroy towns/cities/planets. Nobodies character is that powerful. Combat must be consented to OOC before it can take place and assassinations will not be accepted in this RP as legitimate unless an arrangement is made between the players in advance.

No Meta-gaming
The moderators will correct you if you meta-game and they will void any posts which contained meta-gaming. Continued meta-gaming in ways which twist the game to your advantage will result in you being banned from certain RPs, or being asked to leave the server. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time; but there's a difference between forgetting a detail by accident, and purposefully meta-gaming to make a scene go a certain way.

No God-modding
If you demonstrate that your character has powers which might be god-modding, you will be asked to explain their powers to the moderators. Like with meta-gaming, anything you post which contains god-modding will be voided. Furthermore, this also applies to NPCs. You don't have the power to suddenly conjure up a giant army of NPCs out of nowhere to win a fight for you. That falls under god-modding too.

No Puppeteering
The only character you control is your own, and possibly a reasonable number of NPCs if they are necessary for a scene. You may not control someone elses character or someone elses NPCs.

No Auto-hitting
This also includes attacks that can't be avoided in any possible way since they're essentially the same as auto-hitting. An exception to this is if you give permission out-of-character for this to happen for the purposes of plot or story. Another exception are random NPCs (wild animals etc.) which are not under the direct control of someone else; those are fair game.

No Mixing
You and your character are two different entities. You are not your character and your character is not you. If something happens to your character, or another character dislikes them then that is not a personal attack on you. Learn the difference between what happens in character and out of character.

OC vs. Canon
Characters must be your own original creations. Canon is strictly banned here and you may not use characters which are not your own work. For example, you can't take a character from a video game, change them slightly, and use them in this RP.
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Standard Rules
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