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PostSubject: Random Events   Random Events I_icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2018 3:42 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Random Events Like a Star @ heaven

Random events can be rolled for during any session and are intended to be used to liven up the session by introducing an element of randomness.

To roll for a random event, use a single D100. The number you roll corresponds to an event on this list of the same number.

Random Events Table

1. The dice robot seems to really like this number, re-roll.
2. Your character finds a book about Divination.
3. Your character becomes obsessed with another character.
4. The Gods hate you. As a result, you are cursed to be pranked by everyone around you.
5. Your character finds a book about Transmutation.
6. Your character finds a book on chloromancy.
7. Your character finds gold band with limited uses. Roll a D6 to see how many times it can be used.
8. Lunis finds your chastity pleasing; you are blessed with godly fortune, but if you lose your virginity she will turn on you and curse you with goldly misfortune.
9. Plantar develops an unhealthy romantic obsession with you. His dick is a cactus. Beware.
10. Your character is compelled to open a brothel!

11. Plantar enjoys you; as a result he blesses you to have good luck for three days.
12. Your character gains great charisma for the next week. Other characters will gravitate towards them!
13. The Gods all hate you; as a result you are unable to walk upon holy ground until you win their favor again.
14. Your character finds a book about  Illusion.
15. Your character finds silver band with limited uses. Roll a D12 to see how many times it can be used.
16. Your character finds an Incarnate Pendant.
17. Your character becomes a Were-furry. Every full Moon they put on a cheap mascot costume and talk about 'mwilkies.'
18. Your character impresses Krenia; he wants them to serve him. He offers you the opportunity to become a lesser Demon.
19. Your character becomes aroused any time the word 'cat' is said.
20. Your character finds The White Eye of the Moon.

21. Your character finds The Essence of Plantar.
22. Your character gains a familiar; it's a slug. It'll loyally serve you though!
23. All food and drink dispensers in the city malfunction causing everything they dispense to be spiked with strong aphrodisiacs for the next 24 hours.
24. Your character finds a book about Pyromancy.
25. Your character finds The Black Eye of the Moon.
26. Your character finds a book about Necromancy.
27. Your character impresses Manna; he wants you to serve him. He offers you the opportunity to become an Angel.
28. Krenia dislikes you; so he turns his precious feline companions against you. Cats now hate you.
29. Demi-God characters become unstable as a result of their parents trying to contact them discretely. They start having seizures and hearing voices for the next 24 hours.
30. You have brought shame upon the Gods with your conduct! As a result, they curse you to have a feud with doors. They will try to close as you walk through them, and swing at you.

31. Your character triggers the apocalypse! Better figure out how to stop it before it's too late!
32. Your character finds The Black Eye of the Moon.
33. Your character finds a book about Basic Magic.
34. Your character accidentally causes the technology of the city to stop working as it should. For the next three days, there is no electricity and it is impossible to get food or water.
35. Your character finds bronze band with limited uses. Roll a D20 to see how many times it can be used.
36. Your character finds a silver band!
37. And so, the sky opens up and the Gods say: 'we hate you' - your character is cursed by a God to suffer from an insatiable urge to prank those around them.
38. The medical bay malfunctions; the next person who goes in there will end up getting some very sexy plastic surgery from the automated surgery table.
39. Your character finds The Crown of Arboria.
40. Your character is much favored by an unknown deity; they reveal themselves as a minor God/Goddess (outside of the usual six) to your character and grant them a wish.

41. Your character finds The Seeing Eye Pendant.
42. The water supply in the city becomes contaminated; as a result anyone who drinks it starts hallucinating that everyone looks and sounds exactly like them for the next 24 hours.
43. Your character is locked out of their apartment for three days. Find yourself someone to go home with!
44. Manna develops an unhealthy romantic obsession with you. He hates being told no. Beware.
45. Your character finds The White Eye of the Moon.
46. Your character finds a book about  Enchantment.
47. An experimental sex-android activates and escapes from its box; it rampages through the city yelling obscenities and attacks characters with a dildo until it is stopped.
48. Your character accidentally causes a portal to open; and out comes a huge, pissed off, fire-breathing dragon!
49. Your character gains a natural talent for an elemental type of magic. You may roll to select the type.
50. Your character finds a clue to their previous life which causes them to experience deja vu. If your character is not reincarnated, they find a silver band instead.

51. Your character has displeased Plantar! A cactus grows out of their ass that night as a punishment.
52. Solaris develops an unhealthy romantic obsession with you. He sleeps with anything that moves and is rife with STDs. Beware.
53. Your character discovers a hidden talent or affinity they have forgotten due to the circumstances of their awakening. You may select one.
54. Your character finds a book about  Conjuration.
55. Your character stumbles upon an empty building; it is now theirs and they may use it to set up a business or other establishment of their choice.
56. Your character finds The Ring of Krenia.
57. Your character finds a bag containing three silver coins. Each one can be used only once to summon a God; you must roll a D20 to determine if they get the God they want, or a different one, or if they fail and waste the coin.
58. Solaris is displeased with you. Your character now suffers from occasional spontaneous combustion; but only on a small scale. Every now and then the clothes covering their ass will catch fire.
59. Your character finds a gold band!
60. Your character stumbles upon a disused strip club. They make it their prerogative to revive it. As a result, they accidentally invent currency which operates outside of the wristbands.

61. Your character wakes up in bed with another character. Neither can remember what happened; but it's awkward as hell.
62. Your character finds The Diadem of Lunis.
63. Life is a musical; characters are all compelled to sing musical numbers for the next few hours, as if in a Disney movie. Your character is immune and doesn't know what the fuck is happening.
64. Your character finds a book about Abjuration.
65. Your character is amazing; they solicit gazes of lust from those around them! But only from characters who they are not attracted to, shit!
66. Lunis develops an unhealthy romantic obsession with you. She's a sexually frustrated virgin who once caused the downfall of an entire culture because of her frustration. Beware.
67. Your character finds The Heart of the Sun.
68. Your character swaps bodies with another character. Roll a dice to decide who it. However, you only have thirty minutes before everyone becomes aware of the swap! Roll a D6 to determine how many hours it lasts.
69. Your character finds The Mirror of Manna.
70. A God somehow becomes drunk and stumbles into your path; they profess their problems to you. Roll a D6 to determine which God it is.

71. A portal opens up; and a bunch of furries emerge. Kill them before they yiff you!
72. Your character finds a copy of The Historia Arboria, but the final few chapters are missing.
73. Sex changes! All characters in the surrounding area are suddenly subjected to a sex change. It lasts for 24 hours.
74. Your character is cursed by the Gods! Never shall your progeny walk upon this world - you are now sterile until cured.
75. Your character develops a disease; it makes them cough blood for three days, weakening them.
76. A small, seemingly harmless, gold coin materializes in your pocket. Little do you know, if you drop it on the ground a portal to the Underworld will open up, a bunch of Demons will emerge and they will begin to torture everyone they see using various methods.
77. Your character invents the internet (outside of the cities wireless technology.) It's completely empty and has only one website which is a welcome page.
78. Your character is cursed by Solaris. They begin to suffer from symptoms of pregnancy for three days, regardless of their gender.
79. Your character finds The Pendant of Krenia.
80. Your character falls and hits their head; hard. It knocks them out and causes mild memory loss or gain. Roll a D2 to determine which!

81. Your character becomes possessed by a ghost! For the next 24 hours, their left arm now has a mind of its own!
82. Krenia develops an unhealthy romantic obsession with you. He already has such an obsession with another character and as a result, wants the three of you to be in a polygamous relationship. Beware.
83. Your life expectancy increases by ten years. Small, but valuable.
84. Age is a curse; the Gods elect to make you into an old fuck. You will age backwards rapidly over the course of a few days until you are back to normal.
85. Your character finds The Chalice of Solaris.
86. Unrivaled sexual prowess is granted to your character by Solaris! As a result, your character is elected Leader of the city; but only for as long as they can keep all of their voters satisfied.
87. Your character finds a book. There are only three pages in the book and they are all blank. It will grant small wishes such as curse lifting or asking for a small item. Each page can only be used once.
88. Your character finds a broken teleportation device; it has five charges to locations previously accessed by whoever had it before you, but it cannot be used immediately since it is busted.
89. Your character experiences a seizure; causing them to believe they can see the future. As a result, they become the first Oracle of Neo Aporia.
90. Your character is blessed by the Gods; they have supernatural beauty.

91. Your character becomes very religious; so much so that the other characters stage an intervention for them.
92. Faeith develops an unhealthy romantic obsession with you. She doesn't know how sex works and thinks it has something to do with feet. Beware.
93. Your character is able to enhance an aspect of their body! Strength, or beauty? It's up to them!
94. You find a potent aphrodisiac; use it with care as it is only enough to be effective once.
95. Your character immediately has an orgasm so powerful, it causes temporary brain damage, resulting in them forgetting everything that happened in the last 24 hours.
96. One of the Gods (roll a D6) will reveal themselves to your character and explain that the Gods exist.
97. Your character becomes a sex addict.
98. Your character inadvertently summons a God; they elect to establish a harem in the city, thus triggering the Harem of the Gods Arc.
99. Your character finds the Wings of Faeith.
100. Your character is selected by the Gods to join their ranks. The path to becoming divine is long and arduous. Can they make it through the seven trials to become sealed? Only time will tell.

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PostSubject: Re: Random Events   Random Events I_icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2018 4:40 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Items Like a Star @ heaven
As you have noticed, some of the things that might happen based on the rolls involve items. Here, I will list the items which you might get from the event and list what they do.


Bands are metal wristbands which the characters wear; they require them to enter rooms, get food from vending machines and otherwise access goods and services in the city. Everyone starts out with a plain white band on their wrist which gets them the basics. There are other colour bands however, which grant the wearer special privileges:

Gold band: Opens all gold, silver and bronze areas in the city. Allows them more luxurious food, and more fashionable clothing.
Silver band: Opens all silver and bronze areas in the city. Allows them better food, and more comfortable clothing.
Bronze band: Opens all bronze areas in the city. Allows them somewhat nicer food, and slightly better clothing.

Books are what they say on the tin; simple manuscripts which detail different subjects.

Necromancy: A book which teaches you some basic information on Necromancy.
Chloromancy: A book which teaches you some basic information on Chloromancy.
Basic Magic: A book which teaches you some basic information on common magic.
Pyromancy: A book which teaches you some basic information on Pyromancy.
Divination: A book which teaches you some basic information on Divination.
Abjuration: A book which teaches you some basic information on Abjuration.
Conjuration: A book which teaches you some basic information on Conjuration.
Illusions: A book which teaches you some basic information on Illusion Magic.
Transmutation: A book which teaches you some basic information on Transmutation.
Enchantment: A book which teaches you some basic information on Enchantments.
The Historia Arboria: A history textbook, not entirely accurate, which details some of the history of the universe prior to Neo Aporia.

Items not in the above section are listed here.

Incarnate Pendant: A pendant which allows a character who was reincarnated to remember one of their previous lives. It breaks immediately after use and cannot be used again. If the character who finds it was not reincarnated and is new, it will not work but can be traded with other characters.
Seeing Eye Pendant: Causes bad luck to plague whoever wears it. The longer you wear it, the worse your luck gets - until you become so unlucky that the accidents caused by your bad luck will even potentially cause you to die. Once taken off, the bad luck vanishes. If put back on, the bad luck starts from scratch and begins to progress again.
Ring of Krenia: Grants the character who wears it enhanced magical talent in the field of Necromancy. The effects only last for as long as the ring is worn.
The Crown of Arboria: An ornate Fengguan styled crown which belonged to an Empress of the Arboria Universe. It is said that whoever wears it is gifted with an affinity for pyromancy.
The White Eye of the Moon: Single use. Cures one curse of the characters choosing.
The Black Eye of the Moon: Single use. Worsens one curse of the characters choosing.
The Heart of the Sun: Cures all curses, but can only be used once.

Like a Star @ heaven Relics  Like a Star @ heaven
Mirror of Manna: Whoever gazes into the mirror of Manna sees the grand truth of themselves; their destiny is revealed! However, can destiny be changed?
Diadem of Lunis: The Diadem confers upon whoever wears it during a full moon purity of the body - your diseases can be soothed and your impurities purged.
Pendant of Krenia: The dead shall speak; if you wear the Pendant of Krenia, you will gain the ability to communicate with the dead - but only during the night when they are present.
Chalice of Solaris: The Chalice makes all within it worthy! Any drink or food placed within will become safe to eat; rotten food will become fresh, and poisoned food will lose it's dangerous properties.
Wings of Faeith: A small idol which resembles a golden pair of wings. This relic will bestow good luck upon whoever carries it on them; but will cause bad luck in equal measure of the good should they lose the item.
Essence of Plantar: A long gold pendant with a deep green crystal hung from it. Whoever posesses the Essence of Plantar will be blessed with prosperity in nature  - their plants will bloom quicker, their garden will flourish and animals will be hospitable towards them, in some cases even on levels of domestication.

Like a Star @ heaven Obsessions  Like a Star @ heaven
When an obsession begins, the God in question will ruthlessly stalk and chase their target, but they won't reveal themselves immediately, preferring to remain anonymous until they are sure their advances won't be rejected.

Lunis: The chaste, well-behaved virgin Goddess, Lunis's obsession is an odd one. She will develop a strong desire to have sexual relations with a character, but her status as the 'purest of them all' will prevent her from acting on it. Instead, she will slowly lose her mind - blaming your character for her 'descent into perversion' until eventually she snaps and attempts to seduce your character. If rejected, she will become violently upset and will seek to punish your character - by making their life miserable. If her advances are accepted, the affair will continue and she will become increasingly desperate to cover up her deeds.

Manna: Perhaps the worst God of them all when it comes to obsessions, the real danger when it comes to Manna is that he refuses to be told no. He views himself as the most powerful of the Gods who is deserving of anything he wants - and he will not hesitate to severely punish the character who doesn't return his advances. At first, he will lavish them with gifts in a bid to win their affections, but he will quickly become jealous of them showing favor to another character or God and begin punishing them as a result. If rejected, he will torture a character by making their life difficult. If accepted, he will lose interest soon after and abandon them since it harms his prestige to be seen with a mortal.

Plantar: A relatively benign God, Plantar takes a kind approach of gifting and providing comfort rather than punishing in order to win the love of his intended. Plantar is also obsessed with fertility and will attempt to 'pollinate' your character if they are female, or 'extract seed to grow' if your character is male. Fortunately, he will take rejection with grace and politely back off the character if they explicitly ask him to.

Solaris: Not one for wanting a steady relationship, Solaris will seek out a character purely for sexual pleasure and abandon them immediately afterwards. He will not hesitate to use drugs or other under-the-table means to seduce a character. The obsession ends after he gets what he wants and it is quickly forgotten about soon after, leaving the door open for him to become obsessed again - thus repeating the cycle.

Faeith: The stupidest of the Gods, Faeith's obsession with the character is one that is bizarre in nature. Much like Solaris, she will seek the character out purely for sexual favors and, ultimately, abandon them once she becomes bored with them. In the mean time, she will consistently try to mold the characters appearance to her liking through gifts of clothes that show a lot of skin and objects that, unbeknownst to the character, enhance their 'assets.'

Krenia: Already obsessed with another character who was reincarnated, the obsession Krenia develops is perhaps the most bizarre of them all. He will tirelessly work to win the affection of both characters whom he is obsessed with. He will even attempt to push those characters together in a bid to create a polygamous union between the three of them. Krenia however, has a relatively benign pursuit and will try to win the characters over with gifts and poorly thought out gestures rather than punishments.

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